wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Jeszcze raz z Dalekiego Wschodu

Czyli Ursuli Le Guin wersja Tao Te Ching.
For being and nonbeing
arise together;
hard and easy
complete each other;
long and short
shape each other;
high and low
depend on each other;
note and voice
make the music together;
before and after
follow each other.

That's why the wise soul
does without doing,
teaches without talking.

To bear and not to own;
to act and not lay claim;
to do the work and let it go:
for just letting it go
is what makes it stay. (2)
I jeszcze jeden fragment:
True goodness
is like water.
Water's good
for everything.
It doesn't compete. (8)

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